How does iPhoneATM work?

iPhoneATM is like a cash machine for your phone(s). We work with individuals and businesses to help protect the environment by managing and minimizing electronic waste. When possible we will upcycle, recycle, or find a secondary market, to keep your device(s) out of landfills. We buy devices in all conditions and will always find the most environmentally responsible means to place your device(s).

iPhoneATM works like this:

    You contact us with your device details.
    We give you our best approximation of value.
    Then, you or we arrange shipping.
    Once we receive your shipment, we work quickly to test, evaluate, and then pay you FAST.

If you’re a wholesaler, you can use our price sheet and generate an invoice to go along with the shipment. If you’ve just started or have only one phone that’s fine too! Simply chat in to our sales agents and they will discuss pricing and help you every step of the way to arrange your shipment.